Mangar Raiser Lifting Cushion


Max User Weight: 30st / 190kg / 420lbs
Inflated height: 23 cm
Inflated width: 43cm
Inflated length: 43cm
  • Fits on any chair with armrests and can be moved from chair to chair
  • Can be used getting out of a car
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Can be taken on holiday or day trips
  • Easy delivery and no installation required
  • Anti-microbial material that is easy to clean
  • Lifts up to 420 lbs
  • Powered by a portable AirFlo 12V Compressor
  • Easy use handset to raise and lower cushion at the touch of a button
  • Can be used with or without assistance
  • Suitable for a variety of different situations, i.e. assistance getting out of bed

Product Description

Perfect for those living in their own homes that require assistance when standing up from a chair, the Raiser Lifting Cushion is designed to fit the shape of a standard chair and won’t require any replacement furniture. It will fit comfortably under a seat cushion or throw, so even if you’re not using the seat the Raiser can easily be left in place.

The Raiser Lifting Cushion does not have to be limited to helping people get into and out of a chair as it has a variety different uses. This could include helping someone get out of their car, assisting people getting out of a wheelchair or helping you to get out of bed.

Features include:

  • Other than routine cleaning and disinfecting, the Raiser Lifting Cushion is maintenance free.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • The Raiser is small so can easily be stored away when not in use, or can be used while travelling.
  • Powered by the Mangar AirFlo 12V battery powered compressor.
  • Can be used underneath or on top of a cushion or blanket.
  • Inflates and deflates at the push of a button.
  • Can also be used to lower someone into a seat.
  • Getting in and out of a chair
  • Getting out of a wheelchair
  • Getting out of a car
  • Getting out of bed

Additional Information

Mangar Raiser Lifting Cushion

CUSHION ONLY, w/ AirFlo 12V Compressor, 12V NiMH Battery, & Charger, w/ AirFlo 12V Compressor, 12V NiMH Battery, Charger, & 110 V Outlet Adapter


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