Skil-Care MultiPro Alarm System



  • Auto Reset
  • Nurse Call
  • Indicator Light
  • Battery Test
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Two AA batteries included
  • High-Low Volume
  • Two Buzzer/Two Music Tones
  • Cable Strain Relief
  • Protective Bumpers
  • Mountable


Product Description

By eliminating the need for multiple alarms for wheelchairs and beds, not only are you saving money in alarm purchasing, but you will also save valuable time in training used to educate your staff on how to use multiple different alarm systems. Each Skil-Care MultiPro Alarm is equipped with a high/low volume control that allows you to switch between 90 and 80-decibel signals at your discretion, and an auto-reset that puts the alarm in standby mode, which eliminates the need to remember to turn it on and off. The power-test button allows you to make sure it has enough power, while the integral bracket allows the alarm unit to easily be mounted to any wheelchair with Velcro strips for added security when mounting the Skil-Care MultiPro Alarm to either a chair or headboard.



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