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Skil-Care Leveling Pad Alarm System


  • Alarm, sensor, and leveling pad included to offer support as well as fall prevention.
  • Sensor is protected in vinyl pocket beneath leveling pad.
  • Anti-slip mat prevents cushion from sliding off leveling pad.
  • Vinyl-covered leveling pad eliminates sling-seat hammocking.
  • Alarm activates when patient leaves chair and automatically resets when patient sits.

Product Description

The Skil-Care Leveling Pad Alarm System combines an alarm with a firm foundation for all cushions. Designed to fit wheelchairs 16″ -18″ wide, the Skil-Care Leveling Pad eliminates sling-seat hammocking by making wheelchair sling seats flat and level with the chair frame to provide a firm foundation for the addition of a Skil-Care cushion (sold separately). The solid closed cell foam is covered with a incontinent proof vinyl for an added level of antibacterial protection.

Fits: 18″ x 16″ wheelchairs



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