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Skil-Care FloorPro Alarm System


  • Provides an easy alarm when patients leave their chair or bed.
  • Helps reduce risk of falls and injuries due to unassisted exit.
  • Pad senses weight to alert caregivers if patients get up.
  • Available in single and double-sided models for convenience.

Product Description

The FloorPro Pad Alarm System for patient safety is covered in durable wipe-clean vinyl. Floor pad measures one inch thick by 26 in. wide by 36 in. long. The alarm unit is guaranteed for one year. Battery operated (batteries included) or A/C (adaptor included).

Each floor pad contains one sensor pad which are replaceable. FloorPro Alarms reduce false alarms. Alarm is not activated by patient movement in bed. Unlike on-bed alarms, this will not compromise the pressure-relieving qualities of the mattress. Far less likely to suffer damage related to patient tampering.



Additional Information

Skil-Care FloorPro Alarm System

FloorPro Alarm System- 1 MAT, FloorPro Alarm System- 2 MATS


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