Skil-Care E-Z Release Belt Alarm System


  • Alarm sounds when closure is released
  • Provides restraint-free wheelchair safety
  • Eliminates sensor strips and clothing clips
  • Universally sized belt secures to all wheelchairs
  • Alerts caregiver before resident leaves the chair

Product Description

Skil-Care’s E-Z Release Belt Alarm System is a non-restrictive wheelchair safety belt with an integral magnetic alarm switch. Designed to alert caregivers when a patient attempts to leave the wheelchair, an audible alarm sounds, which also reminds the resident to stay seated. The restraint-free wheelchair safety device eliminates the need for sensory strips and clothing clips. Universally sized, the E-Z Release Belt Alarm System features reinforced attachment holes, and is universally sized. Each Alarm System Purchase includes a ChairPro Safety Alarm. Choose from a E-Z Release Belt Alarm System with grommets or with adjustable loop attachments.


Additional Information

E-Z Release Belt Alarm System

E-Z Release Seat Belt Sensor (50in ), E-Z Release Belt Sensor w/ Adjustable Loop Attachment


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