Petermann Reclining Bath Lifts


Dimensions & Specs for Manual Model:

50 Cranks to get to max heighth
Seat: 23 1/4″ D x 15 1/4″ W
Backrest 15″ H x 12 1/2″ W
Min. height 2 3/4″; Max height 17″

300lbs Weight Capacity



Dimensions & Specs for Power Model:
Seat 27″ wide with flaps down
Seat 16 1/2″ wide with flaps up
Seat 20 1/2″ deep
Backrest 14″ W x 23″ H
Min. Height 3 1/2″, Max Height 19″

375 lbs Weight Capacity



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Product Description

IPB100 Manual Model:

Requires no electricity or batteries. The detachable handle requires very little effort to turn so the lift can be raised and lowered by the user, or by staff assisting the bather. Lifts from 2 3/4 inches to 17 inches high. Made of high grade stainless steel frame with adjustable backrest. Backrest tilts 20 and 50 degrees. Supports 300 lbs capacity, features easy assembly and weighs only 20 lbs so that it is lightweight and mobile for travel.


IPB200 Power Model Petermann Bath Lift Includes:
• Petermann Bath Lift with Stainless Steel Frame
• 5″ Transfer Flaps
• Anti-slip feet are ideal and the only option for bath tubs with a textured anti-slip tub floor.
• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame and 16 1/2 ” Wide Seat
• Waterproof Hand Controller / Remote with Batteries (Power Model)
• Battery Wall Charger (Power Model)
• Blue Back and Seat Cover
• Crank (Manual Model)
• 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Hand Controller And Motor
• 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty On Frame

The stainless steel frame is made from high grade steel, which provides the user and care provider with a a sense of confidence during bathing. Other safety features include anti-slip feet, non-slip padding, and a built-in safety mechanism (for the power model only) that shuts down the lift and will not permit use if the battery is too low to raise or lower a person.

You can use normal household cleaner and / or disinfectants, a damp cloth or a brush to clean the bathlift. Then rinse down the bathlift with warm water. Please dry both connection plugs (motor / handcontroller) with a cloth after cleaning. The padded seat can be removed and washed in your washing machine up to a maximum temperature of 60 – C (140- F).

Additional Information

Petermann Reclining Bath Lift

IPB100 Manual Crank Bath Lift, IPB200 Power Bath Lift


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