Service & Warranty

Oak Pointe/Mangar International offers a one year warranty on all equipment from the date of
purchase. If a defect occurs, new equipment will be shipped out with a return shipping air bill included.
All shipping costs to and from will be covered.

Oak Pointe not only handles all warranty issues for Mangar International(U.S. and Canda), we also
provide service/repair on all equipment.

  • Customer ships equipment to Oak Pointe for evaluation
  • Oak Pointe will evaluate equipment issues at no charge
  • If equipment is repairable, customer is notified on the cost of parts and service fees
  • Service fees will vary on each piece of equipment
  • If equipment is non-repairable, the price to ship equipment for evaluation will be taken off the
    price of new equipment

Oak Pointe offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all equipment, excluding the Mangar Bathing
Cushion and Mangar Archimedes. Anything over 30 days is non-returnable.

  • Equipment must be in original packaging
  • Original copy of paid invoice must be included
  • A restocking fee may apply
  • Restocking fees will vary and are determined by condition of equipment and packaging
    of returned equipment