“Just wanted to let you know that we purchased a CAMEL for each of our 7 homes for the aged/licensed assisted living homes. Staff and residents are very comfortable with using the CAMEL. We have been aggressively targeting back strains, pulls, and other injuries through proper body mechanics, pre-shift stretching, and of course, CAMEL training. The CAMELs were placed in use the 2nd quarter of this year and our worker’s compensation pay out dropped by 92.5% – YES, 92.5%. Is it 100% due to the CAMEL, probably not, but we know that the savings in one quarter PAID FOR 3 of the CAMELs.”

Kathleen Garfield Sharkey
Director of Operations Heritage Property Management Grand Haven, MI

“We use it 10 times a month. The CAMEL has been made a standard piece of equipment in all communities managed by our corporation. Our fire departments love it because it has decreased the number of times they would need to come help people up.”

Lynnwood, WA

“Zero injuries due to lifting in the last 12 months. Easy to use, fits in tight/small, hard to get to places – can be used in the parking lot, if needed.”

Ginger Dierksen
Ft Scott Presbyterian Manor, Ft Scott, KS

“Although we don’t need to use our CAMEL very often, when we do need it, it has proven to be a valuable tool for both the safety of our staff and the comfort/security of our residents. A GREAT product”

Farmington, MO

“I love the CAMEL. I wish I had it at my previous position. It saves the stress of getting up residents after a fall. Saves having to call the fire department.”

Chad Mundy
Columbia Heights A/L Wenatchee, WA