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Since 2003, Oak Pointe Medical Products, L.L.C. has provided the highest quality durable medical products and educational services for the safety and well-being of health care providers, private individuals and caretakers.  Our team of dedicated therapists have spent countless hours in the homes of individuals affected by various conditions, including catastrophic accidents, in order to best decide which adaptive devices may best help them gain a life of greater independence.  It was during our search for these devices that she discovered Mangar International of Wales, UK.

Mangar International was founded in 1981 by inventor David Garman of Wales.  It was then that David invented the worlds’ first structured bath lift, the Mangar Bathing Cushion, to help his elderly relative in and out of the tub.  Since then, Mangar has grown into an international leader in adaptive devices and moving and handling equipment.  And in 2003, after visiting Mangar’s production facility in Wales, Oak Pointe Medical Products was proud to be the first American company to begin a relationship with Mangar and helped introduce their line of products to the US

Both Oak Pointe Medical and Mangar stand for the highest level of quality in manufacturing and customer service.  Our products are put through the most stringent level of testing, and have been awarded the highest level of certification by both Underwriters Laboratory (UL), and the European equivalent, CE.  This is why we can offer a full two-year warranty on all Mangar products we sell.  And because at Oak Pointe Medical Products we believe in honesty and integrity, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all products we offer.  With the best products from an international leader and the best customer service from certified professionals, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase.